There are more products per supplier, more requirements per jurisdiction, more regulated jurisdictions.

The industry changed - game certification processes didn't (yet).

Our Core Services

We don't offer endless lists of services. We only do things we believe we are the best at.

Suppliers are facing ever-increasing demands to make more games, quicker - we ensure that your certification processes can scale in line with your business. RiskCherry is not one-stop shop, we're an F1 pit stop for video slot certification.

By limiting our scope we also deliver higher levels of confidentiality, integrity, impartiality, and precision.

Our interest is not to upsell with more services but to handle our clients’ expansion and growth by guaranteeing speed, quality, independence and smooth operation.

GAMES inspection

Video Slot Certification

Other RNG Games Certification

The process


Initial Engagement

We're only as good as the success of our clients and the integrity of our service.
You can easily contact us through our contact page.


Business as usual

Our goal is to deliver any required game certificate in under 5 days after submission.

Though we focus on handling all work through our portal we'll assign you Delivery Manager who handles unexpected issues and requirements.

You can track the testing process in real-time while we evaluate the math, RTP, game rules, game functions, and integrity. Once ready you can download the game report and certification doc from our portal.

Track Test Process

Download or Share Certificate

Access our Test Plans


Our main focus is Europe and we'll continue our expansion with North and South America in 2022.
We're ready to follow our clients in new markets and be ready for their expansion there.



United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney

US - 2022

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan


South America - TBA


Make your game certification simpler, better, quicker

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