RiskCherry is a unique independent test lab. It was founded by experienced professionals in the online casino industry and is dedicated to providing fast and easy certification services that are more efficient and effective than ever before. In short, we make certification simple!

The online casino market is currently experiencing rapid growth, which can make it complex for operators, suppliers, and regulators to navigate. However, entering new markets and obtaining certification doesn't have to be complicated. RiskCherry is here to help.

Our Core Services

We only offer the services that we believe we excel at: game certification.

Our clients can easily submit and manage orders through our efficient client portal, which provides full control and visibility.

We prioritise helping our clients scale their certification processes to meet the needs of their business. RiskCherry is not a one-stop shop, but rather a specialised service provider for game certification.

Our goal is not to upsell additional services, but rather to support the expansion and growth of our clients by providing fast, high-quality, independent, and smooth operations.

Video Slot Certification

Other RNG Games Certification


The process


Initial Engagement

We're only as good as the success of our Clients and the integrity of our service. Once you have spoken to our Team you will get a full demo of our Portal, we will explain how we work and the provisions required for us to start testing your games.

You can easily contact us through our Contact us page!


Business as usual

Our goal is to provide any required game certificate within five days of submission.

While we primarily handle everything through our client portal, we also assign a delivery manager to address any unexpected issues or requirements.

You can track the testing process in real-time as we evaluate the math, RTP, game rules, game functions, and integrity. When the process is complete, you can download the game report and certification documents from the client portal.

Track Test Process

Download or Share Certificate

Access our Test Plans


Expanding your market presence doesn't have to be complicated.

Let us help you focus on making great games while we handle the certification process in new markets. RiskCherry is currently available in several markets and will soon be expanding to more locations around the world.

Don't waste time worrying about certification - let us take care of the heavy lifting.

A pixelated world map with green areas over Europe and the Americas


- Alderney
- Denmark
- Estonia
- Gibraltar
- Isle of Man
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Malta
- Sweden
+ Many more coming soon



South America - COMING SOON!


Make your game certification simpler, better, quicker

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