Certification for iGaming people made by iGaming people.

We know what we are up against and are able to take the strain off our Clients work load in a way that no other test lab can.

The RiskCherry Team is focused on taking away any pain and making a simple process, simple again.


We enable game suppliers to gain back total control of their development and compliance capacity

Want To Work With Us?

We love to operate in a way which requires flexibility, critical thinking, excellent customer service, creativity and the ability to execute.   We work with people who are smart, hungry to learn, and have the self-confidence to be an immediate contributor. In return, we are focused on providing excellent developmental opportunities and a culture in which you can thrive.

If you are interested in learning about jobs at RiskCherry and joining our rocket ship then please have a look at our open roles on our LinkedIn page or email your details & CV to recruitment@riskcherry.com

Exclusive portal access

Our client portal allows you to quickly and simply do any task to manage the process end to end. Simply submit an order, track the certification progress, see bugs, organise your certificates and review invoices. We even send you proactive reminders for re-certifications via the portal so you don’t need to think about this task!


Your business is our business. We'll proactively help you track and organise repetitive work such as re-certifications in order to reduce your risk of non-compliance. You can rely on our predictability.

Speed to market

After refining our work together we guarantee 5 days of certification time for all video slots for the relevant jurisdictions. Assuming there are no critical bugs of course!

Tech Architecture insights

In order to scale up, you need to understand the limitations of your architecture in advance. After each test run, we'll provide you with tips for improvements in order to address potential problems for future scalability and tailored advice for your upcoming markets.

Get back in control of your roadmap

The complexity of Game Certification and compliance grows exponentially as suppliers expand, often compounded by bad processes and poor working practices by test houses. Our experience is that this does not have to be true. With the right architecture, processes, and know-how, the complexity can be reversed and game certification can be used as a competitive advantage.

Efficiency is the way.

We have one goal and one priority - to deliver world class game certification service to our clients. Our narrow focus helps us to be more consistent, guarantee quality and speed.



Simplicity is in our DNA. We offer the simplest and easiest way ever to get your games approved for market entry. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.



We have narrow focus and we target excellency in what we're doing. In RiskCherry we constantly look for new ways to reduce disruptive communication, unnecessary steps, dependencies and repetitive problems that may slow us down.



Think of us as a F1 pit stop crew rather than your average car repair shop. Carefully prepared choreography, finely tuned processes and propriety tools enable us to repeatedly deliver what we promise.

Make your game certification simpler, better, quicker

Accreditations and Certificates

RiskCherry is a highly audited & accredited business. We take great pride in the various accreditations & certifications we hold, maintain & expand.
Watch this space as we extend scope & share new accreditations!


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